Future of Big Data

Big data is a new and hot word in recent years. As the trend of global digitization and networked characteristics, some people even call this “ the fifth wave of science and technology”. However, big data is still a young kid, there is strong potential of development.

The way of analyzing data will be smarter and deeper. The result will not only the relationship of targets, but the reason why it’s so. Think of the market of diapers. To know what sells best and what ranks best/worst, thousands of reviews are collected and analyzed. By text analytics, three questions can be answered: why did it sell so sell, why people did not like it and what do they want. For example, if words like “price”, “special” and “value” are mostly frequently mentioned and then are further analyzed, this may tell manager the reason customers buy diapers not because of the quality or features, but price. And managers can make new strategy to sell diaper to  increase sales volume and get more profit.

Sensors may be existed everywhere. As the break through of technology, sensors are more and more miniaturized. They can even put into human body to detect chemical environment and subtle changes of organs. As a result, the source collection of data is more diversified and Big Data can be applied more widely.


Big data will not only be used in new areas, but in the future, it will be applied to more traditional areas. It can analyze the status of soil to help improve agriculture farming, keep the coordination of supply and demand and mine the new growth point, make traffic system smarter avoiding traffic jams and reducing accidents, etc.

Traditional labor relation may be reshaped. Through big data platform, human resource and customer demand can be matched more accurately so that the individual potential can be put more to good use and break the barriers of region, language and culture.

Thank for the existence of big data, I believe society efficiency will be improved much more and people’s life will be much easier and more comfortable.



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