More Possibilities of Future

In the previous post, big data has the future possibilities which can excavate the reason behind, be applied in traditional region and reshape labor relation with market demand, but that’s not all of big data. Big data can change the world in more industries and regions.

Love and marriage model can be transformed. Individual can get accurate match based on big data analysis. Couple’s hobby, special talents, financial situation, profession and so on can be excavated deeply and matched accurately.

Traditional family model may be reshaped. People will be grouped by data instead of region. People with similar data trait can live together to realize resource integration and high efficiency of lifestyle.

Big data may even create the next lady gaga. Social media has great impact on sales of songs and albums. Peoples make comments and share their favorite music on twitter, facebook and youtube. By tracking this data online, we can know people’s concern, present popular points and which singer’s awareness is promoting gradually. And by considering all the characteristics, the next lady gaga can be predicted.

If you can identify how much energy a person or a building uses, you can reduce its consumption. From sensors, devices and the web, a massive amount of data is suddenly emerging, which taps into energy data and then results into a whole new meaning. As a result, the tools of big data can some day be a fundamental way to help the world curb energy consumption.

For more possibilities, check the following video:



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